Be a clown

Posted on Aug 02 2018 in From the Editor
Emily in clown attire

By Emily Schilling

Looking back, I’ve done some pretty interesting things so far in my life.

I’ve judged a cooking competition and a scholarship pageant. Not only have I flown the friendly transcontinental skies in a 747, I’ve been sky high in a hot air balloon. I’ve buzzed around the Charlotte Motor Speedway in a car navigated by a NASCAR driver and driven my own car (much slower) around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. 

And, for several years, I built quite a reputation as a face painter. Back in the 1990s, you might have seen me at some electric co-op annual meetings, stationed at a small table equipped with palettes of clown make-up and brushes. I adorned children’s faces with flowers and rainbows and whatever else they desired. 

Unlike many face painters, I wasn’t a clown. However, when I was “booked” for one of my REMC annual meeting painting gigs, a coworker was asked to dress up like a clown and help entertain the kids. I was in charge of transforming her into her new persona: “Coney.” I’ll never forget the bemused reaction she got from other travelers as she drove us along Interstate 74 in full clown make-up and wig. I learned then never to underestimate the power of a makeover. When you’re dressed like a clown, you will definitely not be ignored.

The first week of August is National Clown Week. Although Stephen King’s “It” may have given some a “clown complex,” when I think about clowns, I remember “Coney” and how some greasepaint, a red wig and a goofy personality can brighten someone’s day!

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Electric Consumer