Back to School? Back to the Bus

Follow these tips for safe trips

Posted on Aug 19 2020 in Features
Student getting on school bus

Riding on the bus to and from school each day can get awfully old and BOOOORING after just a couple of weeks.

And when people get bored, they like to entertain themselves and others. Sometimes people do silly things and get carried away and forget about safety. But the school bus is no place to forget about safety or act up.

Here are some tips from the National Safety Council to keep students safe.

Waiting for the bus

  • Stay away from traffic and don’t rough house.
  • Don’t stray onto roadways or private property.
  • Line up away from the street or road as the school bus approaches.
  • Wait until the bus has stopped and the door opens before stepping onto the roadway.
  • Use the hand rail when stepping onto the bus.

Riding the bus

  • Find a seat and sit down. Loud talking or other noise can distract the bus driver and is not allowed.
  • Never put your head, arms or hands out of the window.
  • Keep aisles clear — books or bags are tripping hazards and can block the way in an emergency.
  • Before you reach your stop, get ready to leave by getting your books and belongings together.
  • At your stop, wait for the bus to stop completely before getting up from your seat. Then, walk to the front door and exit, using the hand rail.

Getting off the bus

  • If you have to cross the street in front of the bus, walk at least 10 feet ahead of the bus along the side of the road until you can turn around and see the driver.
  • Make sure the driver can   see you.
  • Wait for a signal from the driver before beginning to cross.
  • When the driver signals, walk across the road, keeping an eye out for sudden traffic changes.
  • Do not cross the center line of the road until the driver has signaled that it is safe for you to begin walking.
  • Stay away from the bus’ rear tires at all times.

Crossing the street

  • Always stop at the curb or the edge of the road and look left, then right, and then left again before crossing. Continue looking in this manner until you are safely across. 
  • If your vision is blocked by a parked car or other obstacle, move out to where drivers can see you and you can see other vehicles — then stop and look left-right-left again.