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Let’s talk about scams

Posted on Jun 07, 2020 in Warren County REMC

The energy industry is undergoing rapid change, and technology is paving the way for innovation in the way energy is used, produced, stored and shared. Consumers are interested in more green energy alternatives as smart homes and apps make managing energy use and paying your electric bill more convenient than ever.  While the changing energy… Continue reading.

Continuing to serve you

Posted on May 06, 2020 in Warren County REMC

As we all deal with the new realities brought on by the coronavirus, I want to assure you that Warren County REMC has been here to help you. Our staff has continued to do their best to provide the reliable electric service you have come to expect from your electric cooperative.  We realize that after… Continue reading.

New rates set for April

Posted on Feb 10, 2020 in Warren County REMC

Warren County REMC strives to provide our members with reliable service at fair and reasonable rates. To help evaluate our rates, Warren County REMC began a study to help determine what it actually costs to serve each type of member — residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting. While everyone needs the basic power poles and… Continue reading.

Stay back & stay safe

Posted on Dec 04, 2019 in Warren County REMC

By Phil High Working with electricity can be dangerous, especially for lineworkers. In fact, line repairers and installers are among the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. That’s why for Warren County REMC, safety is the number one priority. This is not empty talk. Over time, we have created a culture of putting our employees’… Continue reading.

Don’t miss your annual meeting

Posted on Jan 27, 2017 in Warren County REMC

Did you know every cooperative is required to conduct an annual meeting of its membership? The purpose is to hold the election for the board of directors, share important financial information, occasionally vote on other matters such as bylaw changes and, of course, the great door prizes! Warren County REMC’s annual meeting is a community… Continue reading.