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Keepers of the bees

Posted on Feb 24, 2022 in Features

By Richard G. Biever Between a drought and a lack of pollinators, the Community Share Gardens at Lebanon’s St. Peter’s Episcopal Church had little harvest to share in 2013. But help soon came from above — on the wings of … not a snow white dove … but honeybees. From the church’s small but active… Continue reading.

Mean morning (and midday) meals

Posted on Feb 24, 2022 in Indiana Eats

The Mean Bean Bistro and Brew in Bremen is one of those places that refuses to be pigeon-holed. It’s a cozy coffee shop, brewing up all your favorite hot and cold beverages — and not just of the java variety. It’s a breakfast spot, serving a variety of classic and trendy must-tries. (Is that an… Continue reading.

County Profile: Jay County

Posted on Feb 24, 2022 in County

Jay County, which sits along on Indiana’s eastern edge with Ohio, is a portal into significant passages of Indiana geography, history, and culture. To name three: The Wabash River. Indiana’s official state river enters Indiana through Jay County. The river’s origin is just over the state line, and the Wabash meekly flows in along Jay… Continue reading.

Continuing to explore EVs

Posted on Feb 24, 2022 in Energy

By Nick Geswein With the government directing funds to build a robust charging infrastructure and automobile manufacturers ramping up production, the interest in electric vehicles is growing. We received several responses after a recent article on EV myths, so we want to explore some of those questions in a follow-up article. How much does it… Continue reading.

Bye, bye, rotten refrigerator

Posted on Feb 23, 2022 in Features, Heartland REMC

If you have leftovers from last Tuesday lurking in your refrigerator, now’s the time to pull on your latex kitchen gloves and clean them out. You could be putting your family at risk for food poisoning should somebody decide to snack on the smelly scraps. It’s true a refrigerator operates more efficiently when fully stocked…. Continue reading.

Rebate overview

Posted on Feb 06, 2022 in Southeastern Indiana REMC

Southeastern Indiana REMC offers a 2022 residential rebate for qualifying equipment (water heaters, geothermal heat pumps and air source, ductless minisplit or dual fuel heat pumps). To qualify, you must occupy the home where the equipment is installed year-round (12 months) and unit must heat and cool the whole home, unless otherwise stated. For more… Continue reading.