Tree trimming and spraying for 2024

Posted on Jan 04 2024 in Marshall County REMC

At Marshall County REMC, we strive to provide our members with reliable and affordable electric service. To keep your power flowing smoothly, we work hard to maintain the quality of our electric lines. One major issue that can disrupt your electric service happens when tree limbs and plant growth interfere with or fall on overhead electric lines. This can cause power outages, resulting in service calls, extra expenses, and major inconveniences for many members.

To properly maintain electric service to Marshall County REMC members, we have contracted a four-year tree trimming schedule with Mint City Tree Service. Below is a map of where our contracted tree service will work from 2024 through 2027. These maps are also available at If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mint City Tree Service at 574-312-2735. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring quality electric service for all the members of Marshall County REMC.

Projected Yearly Tree Trimming

Projected yearly row spraying