Guy wire safety

Posted on Jan 04 2024 in Marshall County REMC

Guy wires are the cables attached to power line poles and anchored to the ground on or around your property and throughout the Marshall County REMC system. Guy wires are there to serve as structural support against wind and storms. All guy wires are required to have a guy guard that provides a bright yellow, visible warning to pedestrians or vehicle traffic.

Marshall County REMC owns approximately 20,000 poles. Every year, Marshall County REMC hires a contractor to test a portion of the poles, which includes about 3,500 poles. Each pole inspected with a guy guard is replaced with a new one to ensure the safety of our members, community, and linemen.

Guy guards serve an important role, and Marshall County REMC asks members never to remove a guy guard. Please contact our office if you see a guy wire without a guy guard in place.

Guy wire photo
This photo shows two guy wires. The one on the right has a guy guard in place, and the one on the left is broken. The wire on the left is tough to see and can pose a serious threat.