Attention REMC members!


Posted on May 03 2021 in Orange County REMC
Person paying bills on laptop

Orange County REMC would like to advise members to only use our website for payments on your electric bill, not third party websites.

Recently, members have found a company, “”, that allows members to make payments to many companies including Orange County REMC. Unfortunately, a link to their site often comes up when members do a search for “Orange County REMC” or “Orange County REMC online bill payment”. If the member is not careful to select our actual website,, the website could easily be selected.  While Doxo seems to be a legitimate company, Orange County REMC has NOT solicited or partnered with the company to take payments for our members.

It is not recommended for Orange County REMC members to use this third party payment site. Doxo charges fees per transaction, but worse yet, the payments are not immediately posted to the member accounts. Payments can take 2 days or longer to process. This could pose issues for our members that are using our prepaid service or members who have submitted payments on a disconnect notice. They may run the risk of their payment not making it to our system before their service is disconnected for non-payment.

Our goal is to provide our members with the ability to pay their bills and post their payments in real time without incurring additional costs.  

Our website,, is available 24/7/365 and posts all payments in real time.