Annual meeting packets in the mail

Posted on Feb 26 2019 in Bartholomew County REMC

Once again, voting materials will be sent to the home of each member prior to the annual meeting.

Election materials in the pictured envelope will be mailed to each member in the middle of March. You will have the chance to vote for directors and nominating committee candidates prior to the annual meeting. We are using a certified election management company that will handle the tabulation of votes to ensure accuracy and to keep your vote anonymous.

There are three ways to vote. Choose only one of these methods.

  • Use the enclosed ballot and business reply envelope to return your vote through the mail prior to the meeting.
  • Use the unique passcode and website printed on the enclosed ballot to vote through the internet prior to the annual meeting.
  • Vote at the annual meeting on April 16.

If you cast your vote prior to the annual meeting, we still welcome you to come and enjoy the meeting with us and receive an energy efficiency kit and a $20 bill credit for attending. However, you will not be able to vote again or revoke your prior vote. We will have a list of members who have already voted at the meeting. Those who have not yet voted will receive ballots at meeting registration.

Votes received before the meeting will then be combined with the votes cast at the annual meeting. Election results will be announced at the end of the meeting.

If you have any questions about our annual meeting packet or the voting process, call us at 812-372-2546.

These alternative voting methods open the voting up to the full membership and reinforces the fact that you are a member of a cooperative and have a voice, even if you aren’t able to attend the meeting. We hope those who cannot attend the meeting enjoy the opportunity to take part in the cooperative’s leadership and democratic process.