Annual Meeting highlights

Posted on May 18 2024 in Southeastern Indiana REMC

The Southeastern Indiana REMC recently held its highly anticipated Annual Meeting, attracting nearly 500 attendees eager to participate in a day of reflection, celebration, and planning. The event proved to be a resounding success, not only serving as a stage for REMC to discuss its strategic initiatives but also showing its unwavering dedication to community, engagement, and collaboration.

SEI Directors Elected

Board President, Darrell Smith, set the tone for the event with a warm and gracious welcome, joined by his fellow board members, the CEO, and other distinguished industry figures. Their presence underscored the importance of the occasion and reinforced the REMC’s dedication to transparency and inclusivity.

A major highlight of the meeting was the announcement of the re-elected directors who would serve a three-year term on the board. Brad Bentle (District 2), David Smith (District 3), and Mike Thieman (District 6) were all re-elected, a testament to their exemplary leadership and the trust they have garnered from the community over the years.

CEO Keith Matthews expressed his excitement about continuing to work with these directors, praising their invaluable contributions and deep understanding of the industry. Their collective expertise ensures that Southeastern Indiana REMC remains well-positioned to address the evolving needs of its members.

During the serious discussions and strategic planning, attendees also enjoyed moments of lightheartedness and camaraderie. A Kahoot game, offering a $50 gift card prize, added an element of fun and friendly competition to the proceedings, encouraging interaction and engagement among participants.

SEI Annual Meeting Quiz

SEI employee talking to member

In addition to the formal agenda, the Annual Meeting had plenty of opportunities for interacting and socializing among attendees. Conversations rang with excitement as members exchanged ideas, shared insights, and made new connections, further strengthening the sense of community that defines Southeastern Indiana REMC.

Meanwhile, the children’s program provided young attendees with a memorable and enriching experience. Filled with music, laughter, and creative activities, the program offered a mix of fun for all ages. The children left with smiles on their faces and a goody bag from Hoosier Energy.

Kids' program

The festive atmosphere was encouraged more by a captivating musical performance by Jordan Dermody and Dermody Lane. Their music resonated throughout the school, pleasing attendees of all ages. What made their performance even more special was their generous gesture of donating all proceeds to the Carson Hughes Memorial Foundation, highlighting the REMC’s commitment to supporting charitable causes and giving back to the community.

SEI AM Musical Entertainment

As the event concluded, a genuine sense of optimism and enthusiasm for the future permeated the atmosphere. The success of Southeastern Indiana REMC’s Annual Meeting underscored the organization’s unwavering loyalty to its members and communities, serving as a powerful testament to its continuous dedication to driving positive change and innovation in the region. Altogether, the Annual Meeting was not merely a gathering of members but a vibrant celebration of community spirit, collaboration, and progress. Looking ahead, Southeastern Indiana REMC remains steadfast in its mission to safely provide reliable electricity and diversified services to the members and communities we serve.

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