Advocating for both the co-op and its employees

Posted on Aug 04 2021 in Bartholomew County REMC

By Courtney Metzger

This month in our employee spotlight, we are featuring an indispensable team member, Lisa Dyer. Lisa fulfills our human resources manager and board relations role. Her duties are extremely important to our operation. In fact, she makes fundamental contributions to our organization’s culture, and development, and also works hard to hire exceptional employees. 

Lisa plays a wide variety of roles at our cooperative with overlapping responsibilities. Lisa is an advocate for both the cooperative and the employees. She performs a constant balancing act to meet both needs successfully. She also serves our board of directors as their administrator. 

Her role as a HR professional at BCREMC has evolved to fit the needs of our modern, fast-paced cooperative. In the past, the HR role was focused on tasks such as payroll, administering benefits, and keeping track of sick and personal days off.

However, a more comprehensive approach to the development of people in our organization was needed. Programs and processes that systematically hire, engage, and develop employees, retain employees, and deal with all aspects of talent management are now Lisa’s main role. Still responsible for the administrative tasks and the programs and processes related to people, Lisa is now leading the charge.

An organization’s culture is extremely difficult to affect. Lisa works hard to bring our co-op family closer and to make sure that we continue to grow together. That was no small task during the early days of the pandemic. Lisa worked with all employees to let them know they are valued and were not alone during the time we were all working from home. 

Lisa added, “The variety of challenges I experience makes every day interesting and rewarding. Our employees and the board of directors are a pleasure to work with. I am grateful to be part of the cooperative family.”

Thank you Lisa for your contributions to our employees, board of directors and BCREMC.

COURTNEY METZGER is CEO of Bartholomew County REMC