4-H Electric judging

Posted on Aug 07 2022 in Miami-Cass REMC
Emily Howard with 4-H Electric participant
Marshall County REMC’s Emily Howard talks with a 4-H Electric program participant about her project.

Miami-Cass REMC continues to support the 4-H Electric program in both Miami and Cass counties, and there were more great exhibits this year. We are proud of the accomplishments of this year’s Electric members and would like to congratulate those who participated in the program and exhibited their projects at the county level. There were 17 entries in Miami County and 13 entries in Cass County.

Fair judging took place on June 17 in Miami County and July 1 in Cass County. Judges for Miami County included Emily Howard and Kenny Eggleston of Marshall County REMC, T.J. Garner and Kyle Perkins of Fulton County REMC, and Joe Spears of Carroll White REMC. Judges for Cass County included Howard, Eggleston, Garner and Perkins.

Great job to all who entered projects. We  hope to see all of these 4-H Electric members back in the program next year. 

Miami County winners were:

Division I: None selected

Division II: None selected

Division III: None selected

Division IV:Joannah Wildermuth, champion

Division V: Cameron Metcalf, champion; Haley Washburn, reserve champion

Overall Grand Champion: Cameron Metcalf

Cass County winners were:

Division I: None selected

Division II: Benjamin Adams, champion

Division III:None selected

Division IV: None selected

Division V: Braden Harrison, champion

Judges’ Award: Nathan Hubenthal

Miami-Cass REMC is proud to support 4-H and the 4-H Electric program.

Joe Spears with 4-H Electric participant
Joe Spears of Carroll White REMC discusses a lamp project with a 4-H’er at the Miami County Fair.