2021 LaGrange County REMC Annual Meeting Recap

VIRTUAL MEETING pays tribute to the past and to the future

Posted on Jul 10 2021 in LaGrange County REMC
Mark Leu at annual meeting
LaGrange County REMC CEO Mark Leu addresses the virtual attendees at the 2021 annual meeting.

Thanks to those who joined us for our virtual annual meeting on June 11.  

For those who couldn’t attend live, you can view the meeting on our Facebook page. CEO Mark Leu provided a glimpse into how 85 years after LaGrange County REMC brought electricity to LaGrange County, we’ll plan to do the same thing with our new broadband project. 

“If there is anything learned from a dark, difficult year, it’s that human ingenuity and willpower surpasses any obstacle, as long as we work together,” Leu said. “Our team is ready to go all in and work full speed to bring you the broadband technology you deserve. Help us make it happen for you. Go to broadband.lagrangeremc.com and express your interest in signing up for LaGrange County REMCʼs high-speed broadband today.”

Winners of the board of directors election were also revealed. They are Michael Huppenthal (District 1), Tony Bontrager (District 3), and Cliff Hibbs (District 4).