Youth Tour: Trip of a lifetime

Posted on Jul 30 2018 in Noble REMC

The nation’s capital brightened in June with the arrival of a delegation of students representing electric co-ops across the state.

Noble REMC sponsored two students, Isaac Coats from West Noble High School and Melissa Domer from East Noble High School, for the fun and educational experience June 7-14. The Youth Tour provided young Hoosiers the opportunity to visit the nation’s capital to learn about government, experience American history and gain a better understanding about their electric cooperative and our government.

A group of 100 students representing Indiana electric cooperatives went on the trip, joining more than 1,800 students from across the nation who traveled to Washington, D.C., for the week-long program.

Students who participated in the trip visited the Flight 93 Memorial, Gettysburg Battlefield, Arlington National Cemetery, Smithsonian museums and National Mall memorials. They also took a night cruise on the Potomac River and much more.

The Indiana Youth Tour students also participated in a youth rally, during which they shared their thoughts and opinions on a variety of timely issues. The youth rally prepared the students for a day on Capitol Hill, where they had an opportunity to meet with Indiana’s congressional delegation.

The Indiana Electric Cooperative Youth Tour delegation poses in front of the White House.

My Youth Tour Experience by Isaac Coats

Noble REMC Youth Tour delegates Melissa Domer and Isaac Coats.

My trip to Washington, D.C., was full of fun times with new friends. On my trip, I saw many monuments, locations important to American history, places where important decisions that affect the population were/are made and people who wanted change. I enjoyed the architecture of the buildings and the history behind what happened in the buildings.

What I found the most memorable about the trip were the somber and sad memorials that brought life to what happened in those places or events. This trip to D.C. showed me that there is a larger picture to the country than my community; instead, there is a larger collective who should be working together. I learned the importance to being informed from protesters who were calling for change that had already happened.

During the trip, I met many new friends from all over the state and a few friends from across the country. The trip was an experience I will never forget.