Your electric cooperative operates with a local focus

Posted on Sep 26 2021 in Features, Heartland REMC
Photo of employees talking to a customer.
Photo courtesy of LaGrange County REMC.

When the economy is uncertain, it’s good to know that your neighbors have your back.

One of those good neighbors is your electric cooperative. Your electric co-op exists to provide you safe, reliable and affordable energy. Equally important is our mission to enrich your lives.

Your electric utility is locally owned. In fact, you and your neighbors own it.

That’s the nature of the cooperative way of doing business. A cooperative is owned by the people who use its services. That’s why your cooperative refers to you as a consumer-member.

As a member-owner of a cooperative, you have a say in how your electric cooperative operates. You may attend the cooperative’s annual membership meeting, vote for which of your neighbors may sit on its board of directors, or even run for a seat on the board yourself.

Not only that: your electric co-op’s leadership team and employees live right here in the community.

Our close connection to the community ensures we get a first-hand perspective on local priorities, thereby enabling us to make more informed decisions on programs that are important to you.

We hope you think of us as more than just your energy provider, but instead as a local business that supports this community and powers economic development and prosperity for its people.

We will continue to learn from our members about their priorities so that we can better serve you.