You have the power, cast your vote

Posted on Jun 22 2024 in Bartholomew County REMC
Courtney Metzger

As a valued member of Bartholomew County REMC, your involvement in our electric cooperative’s democratic process is essential. Your vote in the director election is more than just a privilege; it’s a powerful tool that can influence the future of our community’s energy landscape. The directors you elect will significantly impact the decision of the cooperative’s strategies, addressing local energy needs, investing in sustainable solutions, and overcoming future challenges.

Our board of directors consists of committed individuals from the community with diverse skills and perspectives. Our directors, who are also local residents and cooperative members, represent the members’ voices and align the cooperative with our shared values and goals. Their contributions are key in forming policies, setting rates, and shaping our long-term plans, all while ensuring that their decisions reflect the members’ best interests.

We are committed to simplifying the voting process for all members. Whether you prefer to vote by mail or online using the information in your voting packet mailed to you in mid-May, we encourage you to cast your vote. The election closes on June 12 at noon.

Join us virtually on June 13 at 7 p.m. for the annual business meeting, where election results will be announced. Additionally, we welcome you to participate in the Annual Meeting meet-and-greet at the fair on June 25, where you can connect with fellow members, meet your directors, and talk directly with the BCREMC team. Use your fair parking pass in the packet, visit us at the tent outside the livestock pavilion, and receive $25 in fair food vouchers to use at participating vendors.

We look forward to seeing you there! Your vote, your voice, and your presence are invaluable to us as we work together to energize your future.

COURTNEY METZGERChief Executive Officer