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Enroll in the PowerShift Program from KV REMC

Posted on Feb 26 2020 in Kankakee Valley REMC

When it comes to saving energy, we’re all in this together — literally. That’s because the time of day our member-consumers use power determines how much that power costs. It’s basic supply and demand: When everybody’s using electricity, it costs more and puts a bigger strain on the system. Your co-op has a solution for this. It is called PowerShift. 

PowerShift allows residential, commercial and agricultural member-consumers like you the option to shift a portion of your energy use to times when it’s less expensive. The shift will happen automatically, and you’ll probably never notice the difference. The best part is, you are helping your co-op minimize long-term costs, while earning a bill credit! 

Residential and commercial participants receive a $10 bill credit during the months of June-September. Agriculture member-consumers receive a $50 per month credit on their accounts for 12 months or $600 for the year. 

When you participate, we’ll install a remote-controlled switch on your air conditioner (for residential and commercial consumers) or field irrigation system (for agriculture consumers). When energy demand peaks, units with the switches are turned off for short amounts of time to reduce energy use, helping us save when it matters most. PowerShift is limited to 10 switch activations per year. During the past several years, participating member-consumers have experienced one or two switch activations.  

This program is designed to avoid disruption for the participants, so switches are not activated on holidays or weekends. To participate, you must sign up before May 15. 

Interested in PowerShift? Call Kankakee Valley REMC’s office or visit and find out how you can participate and begin collecting your monthly bill credit.