Why we trim trees

Posted on Mar 05 2021 in Steuben County REMC
Photo of downed tree

Maintaining the areas beneath and around Steuben County REMC power lines and equipment is vital to providing safe, reliable power to our members. We clear these areas, known as rights-of-way, to:

  • Keep power lines free of tree limbs and other vegetation
  • Restore power outages quicker
  • Help reduce the number of outages
  • Keep crews and the community safe
  • Lower unexpected costs for repairs

Although trees provide great shade in the summer and are beautiful during the fall change of color, they are responsible for damage resulting in power outages during high winds, heavy snow and ice storms. We operate an aggressive right-of-way maintenance program to be proactive to weather during the changing seasons.

Please contact our office at 260-665-3563 if you see any of the following:

  • Trees leaning toward Steuben County REMC power lines and equipment
  • Limbs close or touching power lines and equipment
  • Trees growing close or touching the equipment and power lines
  • Dead or dying trees near power equipment or power lines
  • Trees that are near Steuben County REMC equipment on your property that you want removed
  • Any other vegetation that could have the potential to cause harm to people or cause outages

If trees or vegetation are close to electrical equipment do not touch them or try to remove them.