What your board’s been up to

Posted on Dec 14 2023 in Decatur County REMC
Brett Abplanalp

On Nov. 18, 1935, a group of Decatur County farmers met at Greensburg courthouse to discuss how to bring electricity to the unserved rural areas of the county. At this meeting, directors were chosen and Decatur County REMC was born. Though farmers initiated the move, we often forget those first directors pushed Decatur County REMC into existence. 

Some of you only think about the board of directors once a year, during your Annual Meeting. Others keep tabs on it monthly through the board meeting minutes (published in each month’ s Indiana Connection). Meanwhile, the eight directors you have voted to represent you think about the board — and its responsibilities — 365 days a year. 

Decatur County REMC’s board members are community-minded individuals with a variety of skill sets. Our board is made up of farmers, educators, and business owners. W e rely on their many talents to help us make informed decisions on long-term priorities and investments. Our directors live right here in the co-op’ s service area, and we consider them the eyes and ears of the membership and the community. 

I am very proud of the board’ s hard work and accomplishments, especially over the last few months. In case you’ve missed it, let me share a recap. 

EDUCATION AND LEARNING – Several have attended training courses and conferences. Their learning and continued education are key for you and the future of the REMC. 

SAFETY – Our Mission Statement was updated to include this key focus. Recenty, the board supported a Safety Reward and Recognition Program for employees. 

PROTECTING MEMBERS’ DATA AND OUR INFRASTRUCTURE – Board members approved a new policy for cyber security awareness training along with continued support of our IT lifecycle replacement. 

INVESTING IN THE FUTURE – We joined Accord, a diverse, community-minded consortium of broadband providers bringing greater connectivity and improving quality of life in rural Indiana and beyond. 

SUSTAINABILITY – To help control costs and better align with industry standards, the board approved a bylaws change to transition to a seven member board with the next director vacancy. 

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – The board approved a plan that outlines management’s targets and guidelines. 

RELIABILITY – We’re investing in our Right of Way program over and above budget when an opportunity arises. With trees being roughly 20% of our outages, making this small change means a huge impact to our members. 

MEMBER FOCUS – The board has voted to retire capital credits with above average amounts the past few years. It is also working on options for early capital credit retirements for deceased members’ estates. 

Don’t ever forget that the board is here for you! Its role is to be a member ambassador connecting the co-op to you, the member. 

If you are interested in learning more about the board, what it is working on, or possibly sharing your expertise by running, please  call me and let’s talk about it.W