Welcome Jarrett Hawk to the REMC

Posted on Dec 11 2022 in Noble REMC
Jarrett Hawk

Noble REMC is happy to welcome Jarrett Hawk to the co-op as the newest member of our right-of-way crew.

An Albion native and Central Noble High School graduate, Hawk began his position as a tree trimmer in August and is excited to be working to serve his community.

“I wanted to do something within my community, something that’s for a bigger purpose,” Hawk said. “I enjoy being out in the community, meeting new people each day. I love working outside.”

There’s been a lot to learn — from how to run a bucket truck to the safety implements involved to communication among team members — but he’s brought a lot of experience in being flexible day-to-day from his prior experience working on a farm.

“I farmed for years and through that, I got to do a ton of different things and run a ton of different equipment. Nothing was the same day to day, and it gave me a lot of experience in different jobs,” he said.

That diversity is what drew him to this position as well, and he’s looking forward to “working hard and proving himself in the company to see where that takes him.”

Outside of the co-op, Hawk, who lives in Albion, loves to fish, hang out with friends and drive fast cars.