Want to level out your electric bill?

Posted on Apr 03 2020 in Steuben County REMC

Steuben County REMC offers budget billing to help members manage their monthly bills by equalizing them each month. To be eligible, you must have been in your home for at least 12 consecutive months, be current on your bill before budget billing starts, stay current on your bill during the budget period, and return a signed budget agreement form before the date listed.

Budget accounts are recalculated during the spring and fall shoulder seasons and the monthly budget is adjusted accordingly. Any debit or credit balance at the end of the budget year is recaptured in a true-up month during July billing. 

If you are interested in budget billing, fill out the form on the back of this month’s bill or call Jennifer Patterson at our office at 260-665-3563 prior to June 1. Budget agreement forms are mailed out in June, and the budget cycles begin with the July billing (due in August) of each year. 

Budget billing charts