Voting: It’s your right as a member

George Carter

Last month, our country held midterm elections — our chance as citizens to act in a democratic society. We voted for people to support us, to represent us, to take our concerns forward, and to hopefully make a difference for us.

Your cooperative operates in much the same way. We have local democratic control. That means only members can run for the board and only members vote. This simple but powerful process ensures a locally controlled board directs the electric cooperative.

What does your elected board do? The board forms the strategic direction of the cooperative. They look at the big picture of where we are going, how the industry is evolving, and what the co-op needs to do to meet the ever-changing needs of the membership (that is, people like you).

Think about the board decisions back in the early years of the cooperative. How were electric lines going to be built? What needs did the membership have? Now, think about today: There are decisions about renewable energy, electric cars, and new gadgets of every type. The strategic landscape for the board is not static; it follows the changing needs of our members — the people we belong to and serve.

Every year, three board districts are open for election (this year, it’s districts 2, 4, and 5). Seeking election is a simple process of completing a nomination petition and obtaining signatures of 20 members residing in your district. The cooperative needs thoughtful members to serve on the board — members who are concerned about our long-term strategic direction.

Democratic member control, locally elected board members, and members voting for their board members: these are the hallmarks of Paulding Putnam Electric Co-op. You can participate in this process by seeking a board position and by voting in the election of board members.

Please reach out to us with questions. This is the only way democracy works. We promise it’s in your best interests.

President and CEO

Want to run for the board?

Nomination petition forms are available on our website,, or at our office. They must be returned by Dec. 16, 2018.