Voting process

Posted on Mar 17 2024 in Daviess-Martin County REMC

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) will be administering the process for the director election. SBS will mail election packets to all Daviess-Martin REMC members on March 14. The packet will include voting options and instructions. This voting form allows many more members to benefit from participating in the director election. Each packet will have a unique code so that only one vote is allowed to be processed. There will be no voting on the night of the meeting to ensure complete confidentiality and transparency of the votes. 

Voting information is secure. Election results will not be disclosed to anyone until opened and announced at the annual meeting. 

SBS will provide a weekly report to DMREMC on account numbers and names of voting members. A $10 bill credit will be issued to all voting members. In addition, there will be two drawings during the director election from March 14 to April 9 for additional bill credits. All voting members will be included in each drawing. Vote early for more chances to win! Once a member wins, their name will be eliminated.