Understanding our new rates

Effective on the bill you’ll receive in May (due in June), the PPEC board of trustees approved a rate adjustment due to rising costs. Many industries have implemented increases to keep up with rising costs, inflation, and material shortages — and your co-op is facing the same pressures. PPEC has held off a rate increase for the last six years to minimize the impact on our members. (Read more on page 6 under “Staff and rates”.)

Time-of-day, net billing, and commercial accounts are being contacted separately. Learn more on our website, including ways to combat cost increases and reduce your bill: PPEC.coop/2024RateAdjustment.

The average member using 1,200 kWh a month will see a $26.45 per month increase. Yours may be more or less, depending on your use and home circumstances.

Not an actual bill. Below bill examples based on 1,200 kWh home use.

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Here’s the average residential member breakdown 

  • The monthly service charge is increasing $6.50 (from $35 to $41.50 per month). This covers the fixed costs PPEC has to ensure reliable power is available to you 24/7/365, through wires, poles, transformers, and other equipment, plus maintenance, taxes, etc.
  • The distribution energy charge is increasing just over half a cent (from 1.9 cents to 2.5 cents per kWh). This is the cost to bring electricity from our substation to your home.
  • The Generation and Transmission Charge is increasing 2.3 cents (from about 8.1 cents per kWh to 10.4 cents per kWh). This is the cost to produce electricity and transport it from a generation facility (like a power plant) to our local substations. This includes the current wholesale power cost adjustment (WPCA), which reflects the fuel, transmission, and demand costs passed on to PPEC from Buckeye Power, our wholesale power supplier. Once the WPCA is rolled into the G&T charge, this will set a new base for the power cost adjustment moving forward.
  • For those with an outdoor light, the cost per month is increasing 68 cents (from $10.80 per month to $11.48 per month).