Two Linemen Compete in Statewide Rodeo

Posted on Oct 07 2023 in Kankakee Valley REMC

It’s no secret that a lineworker’s job is tough and often done in challenging conditions. At the end of August when the temperatures registered over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, first-year apprentice Chris Chaplin and second-year apprentice Tim Morgart strapped on their tool belts and gaffs and took to the poles to participate in the Indiana Electric Cooperative Lineman Rodeo.

This was the first time that KV REMC participated in the event, and Chaplin and Morgart set the bar high. With 100 other individuals from 24 Hoosier co-ops in attendance, the KV REMC linemen competed in the Insulator Change, Security Light Repair and Hurt Man Rescue events.

The Lineman Rodeo allows co-op linemen to refine and demonstrate the skills needed to safely do their work. “We’re proud of Tim and Chris for their performance at the rodeo,” said Jeff Newburn, line superintendent at KV REMC. “Linemen have a lot of pride in the work they do, and these individuals demonstrated their skills and dedication to their craft.”

Congratulations to Tim and Chris!

Chris Chaplin

Tim Morgart