Together we are empowered

Posted on Aug 25 2017 in Clark County REMC

David A. Vince

Did you know that as a member of Clark County REMC, you own the cooperative? Back in 1939, members of our community came together to bring electricity to Southern Indiana farmers. Over time, the founders passed on and new people have moved into the community, not knowing that they were more than customers buying electricity from a utility.

But we are different from investor-owned utilities, and the key difference is you, the member-owner of our cooperative. Without your support and commitment, we would not exist. Research proves that when people own something they treat it differently, which is why we encourage you to act as an owner, not a customer. As an owner, you play a critical role in our success.

With that ownership comes certain rights like the opportunity to serve on the board of directors. If that seems like too big a commitment, we still want and need you to participate in the annual elections held each year in April at Silver Creek High School. For next year, stay tuned for new early voting options which may include voting online, by mail or in person.

While electricity is the commodity the co-op sells, the real power is that together, we empower this local community. When we feel empowered we accomplish great things.

True, the world is different today than it was in 1939 when Clark County REMC was founded, but our mission of serving you and our community remains the same. Working together with your active, inspired engagement, we can continue to accomplish great things.

General Manager