Tipmont Sponsors Free Public WiFi at Harrison, Mccutcheon High Schools

Posted on Sep 04 2023 in Tipmont

Tipmont and the Tippecanoe School Corporation (TSC) are thrilled to announce a joint initiative that will provide free public WiFi around the athletic facilities and other public spaces at both Harrison and McCutcheon high schools.

Parents, guardians and spectators can connect to Tipmont’s state-of-the-art WiFi network during such public gatherings as athletic events and auditorium performances. The service is available after school and to all patrons.

It’s the latest evolution of a Tipmont-TSC partnership that spans more than a decade.

“As the dedicated internet service provider for the school district, Tipmont has consistently provided cutting-edge connectivity solutions, enabling teachers, students and administrators to leverage the latest technologies in teaching, learning and educational operations,” said Dr. Devin Arms, TSC’s director of technology.

For more information, visit tscschools.com or tipmont.com/internet.