Three methods for cleaning your cast iron skillet

Posted on Apr 01 2017 in General

Cast iron skillets naturally are nonstick and retain heat well. But to keep yours in good shape, follow one of these three methods to clean it.

  • For lightly soiled pans, pour a bit of oil into your skillet and then use a paper towel or dish rag to wipe the pan clean, removing any food pieces.
  • For pans with food lightly stuck to them, sprinkle an abrasive agent, like coarse sea salt or corn meal, into your skillet. Scrub the pan with a paper towel or dish rag and scrape any food pieces into the trash. Lastly, rub your pan with oil.
  • For pans with food stuck to them or if you cooked something smelly in the pan, use steel wool or a non-scratching scrubbing pad. In your sink, run hot water over the pan and scrub off the food. If the food still will not come off, you can soak it in water briefly. Leaving it in the water too long will cause it to rust! If you use water, dry it as soon as possible. Use a designated dish towel when drying to prevent turning your best towels black!


Three benefits of cast iron skillets

  • A well-seasoned cast iron skillet is naturally non-stick, so you can use less oil when preparing meals.
  • Cast iron skillets retain heat better than other similarly sized pots and pans. If you serve a meal in the skillet, your food will likely stay warm for the entire meal!
  • They are guaranteed to last a long time. They’re actually made from the same material as engine blocks.