Thinkin’ of Lincoln

Send a birthday greeting to Abe!

Posted on Feb 16 2009 in Kids Projects

lincolncards-153x300(This article originally appeared in the February 2009 issue of Electric Consumer.)

What better way to honor Abraham Lincoln on his 200th birthday than to send him a birthday card?

The Illinois Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission invites people to send birthday cards — preferably homemade — to honor our country’s celebrated 16th president.

The cards may be used for displays or publicity.

Since Lincoln spent his childhood in Indiana, we hope PowerKids readers will be inspired to create many wonderful birthday cards and mail them to the commission by Lincoln’s birthday, Feb. 12.

The address is: U.S. Postal Service: Abraham Lincoln, Old State Capitol, 1 Old State Capitol Plaza, Springfield, IL 62701-1512.

Cards, from top, by: Amanda Van Buskirk, Athena Silot and Acadia Biever

How well do you know Abraham Lincoln?

Take this quick quiz to see how well you score on Abraham Lincoln trivia.
1. In what year was Abraham Lincoln born?
2. Where was he born?
3. Who were his parents?
4. How old was he when his family moved to Indiana?
5. Where is his mother buried?
6. How old was he when he left Indiana?
7. Both Lincoln and our new president, Barack Obama, were elected president while living in which state?
8. Lincoln was the first member of which political party to be elected president?
9. When was he elected president?
10. What was his wife’s name?
11. How many years did he serve as president?
12. What was the name of the play he was watching when he was assassinated?
13. Who shot Lincoln?
14. Which famous actor today is a distant relative of Abraham Lincoln?

The answers:
1. 1809. This is the 200th anniversary of his birth.
2. Hardin County, Ky.
3. Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln
4. 7 years old
5. Lincoln City, Ind.
6. 21 years old
7. Illinois
8. Republican
9. 1860
10. Mary Todd Lincoln
11. Four
12. “Our American Cousin”
13. John Wilkes Booth
14. Tom Hanks

Your score:

12-14: Good thinkin’! You know all about Abe Lincoln!
8-11: You know quite a lot about our 16th president … and, you’ve learned some more things by taking the quiz. Abe would be proud!
4-7: Obviously, you’re a fan of Lincoln since you know a few things about his life. Keep reading about him and his legacy, and soon you’ll be a Lincoln expert.
0-3: Be sure to learn more about Lincoln on the Internet, from books you can find in your school library, and by visiting Lincoln historical sites in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. Lincoln is one of America’s most important historical figures.