The importance of reliability and resiliency

Posted on Mar 05 2024 in Kankakee Valley REMC
Kankakee Valley REMC CEO Scott Sears

As a utility, we are committed to providing you with safe, affordable, reliable, and resilient electricity. This month, I want to focus on the importance of reliability and resiliency in meeting your energy needs. Despite the efforts of our highly skilled employees to maintain a robust system, unforeseen circumstances, especially those brought on by Mother Nature, can lead to power outages. Recognizing the essential role that electricity plays in our daily lives, both at home and in business, we strive to deliver reliable and affordable electricity.

Grid reliability is a concern seen all across the country. The focus on the grid has been heightened with the recent blackout situations experienced in Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, etc. At the cooperative level, we have invested in technology and infrastructure upgrades to enhance our system’s reliability and resilience. And we aren’t done yet. The challenge now is with our policymakers and making sure they are addressing the remaining challenges.

As Hoosiers, we are fortunate that the legislators in our state have taken energy needs seriously. The Indiana General Assembly implemented a task force that focused on reliability, resilience, stability, affordability, and environmental sustainability. This serves as a guide for energy policy development at the state level. However, I have concerns with how energy policies are being handled at the federal level.

Current federal policy development often focuses on specific goals for how energy is produced, failing to account for how it will affect reliability and affordability. For instance, recent EPA proposals will require unproven retrofits on thermal power plants. These retrofits use technology that has not been proven viable and is not built to scale. The warning signs are clear that the national grid is progressing in a way that is not sustainable for reliability.

Your input is vital. Policymakers need to understand that reliability should not be sacrificed for impractical goals. Cooperative members, like yourself, must voice concerns to ensure that when policies are made, they are responsible. Please express your thoughts and concerns to our federal legislators. Also, please show your appreciation for the work that our local legislators are doing to ensure our energy needs are being met. I have had the pleasure of visiting with many, and their commitment is clear and commendable.

To contact your federal legislators, visit to find their contact page. I believe that together we can make providing reliable and affordable energy a commitment that everyone will stand behind.