The humble hero

Meet DCREMC Lineman Brian AmRhein

Posted on Jan 05 2021 in Decatur County REMC
Brian AmRhein with children
DCREMC Lineman Brian AmRhein gives students a high five as he helps to build new playground equipment for them.

Heroes come in all varieties. Superman, Batman, Captain America — they all have similar traits. They are all brave, selfless, strong and courageous, right?

Most don’t realize this, but Decatur County REMC (DCREMC) employs its very own hero, Journey Lineman Brian AmRhein. Much like Clark Kent and Superman, AmRhein rarely reveals his true identity and would never consider himself a hero. 

AmRhein lives his life by the core principles he learned during his career in the Army, including selfless service, duty, and honor. While he is quiet and humble about his service, he gives generously of his time and talents to help his family, friends, and community. He is the first to volunteer for DCREMC community service projects like building playground equipment, giving safety demonstrations to youth groups, and delivering meals for Meal on Wheels. AmRhein has aided in several hurricane relief efforts to restore power to communities that have lost everything. In 2017, he participated in a cooperative mission trip to Guatemala during which he and other linemen from across Indiana brought electricity to a remote village that did not have power.

AmRhein recently elevated his hero status. While grabbing a quick lunch at the Greensburg Pizza King between DCREMC jobs, AmRhein noticed a man choking. Realizing the man couldn’t breathe, AmRhein jumped into action. AmRhein was able to dislodge the food from the victim’s airway, allowing him to breathe. 

Thankfully, a witness to the event contacted Decatur County REMC to share the information and thank AmRhein for saving the day. When asked about the event, AmRhein humbly stated, “I just did what needed to be done.” 

He keeps his cape hidden, as it would be a safety hazard when climbing poles and restoring power, but we are so thankful to have AmRhein, the humble hero, serving the members and communities of DCREMC.