The good kind of audit

Posted on Feb 21 2024 in Fulton County REMC
Andrew Horstman

Colder weather typically results in higher energy bills, and with winter in full swing, we would like to remind you about a free co-op service that can help you boost efficiency and save money.

As your trusted energy partner, we believe savings and efficiency are within reach for everyone, and we want to help you get there. That’s why Fulton County REMC (FCREMC) offers free home energy audits.

An energy audit provides a holistic view of your home’s efficiency. Understanding how your home uses energy can help determine the best ways to adjust energy consumption, improve problem areas, and keep more money in your wallet. An energy audit can also identify potential safety issues surrounding electrical wiring and HVAC systems, making your home safer. You could say this is a good kind of audit.

So how does it work? First, request the energy audit by calling our office at 574-223-3156 and asking for Jordan. The audit is conducted at your home by our trained energy advisor.


The audit is comprised of three parts: evaluation, energy testing, and recommendations. First, our energy advisor conducts a walk-through of your home, examining energy use and identifying problem areas. The advisor will look at specific elements of your home impacting energy use, such as doors, windows, and insulation levels. The advisor will also examine major appliances, including your heating and cooling system, and conduct a room-by-room assessment. During the assessment, the advisor will ask questions about your energy use habits and review past energy bills.

In the testing phase, the advisor will evaluate the seal of your home by conducting a blower door test to identify the source of any air leaks or drafts. The advisor will also conduct thermal imaging of the house to detect heat loss that is invisible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging can reveal inadequate insulation levels, HVAC airflow, radiant heat malfunction, and additional key factors.


Finally, the advisor will provide you with a detailed evaluation. This is a written report with a description of your home, an analysis of your energy use, recommendations regarding energy consumption, and steps you can take to improve efficiency and save money.

One of the most significant values of an energy audit is helping you understand how you use electricity and more importantly, identifying ways to use it more efficiently.

Additionally, making improvements and upgrades based on the evaluation can increase your property value — all the more reason to schedule an audit for your home.

Free energy audits are just one of the many perks of your co-op membership, so we hope you will take advantage of this valuable service. If you’re looking for more ways to save, check out our additional efficiency rebates. These programs and services are designed with FCREMC members in mind, putting the power to save in your hands.