What it takes to be on our board of directors

Posted on Mar 22 2018 in Miami-Cass REMC

Rob Schwartz

Miami-Cass REMC is a non-profit cooperative owned by the people it serves. When the cooperative was founded in 1939, its bylaws established a board of directors and its duties. Your board is made up of seven members from our service territory. Each year, two or three directors, depending on the year, are elected at the annual meeting to serve a three-year term.

Miami-Cass REMC has begun the board of directors’ election process. Any REMC member-owner (whose name appears on the membership of record) may seek a position on the board of directors — if the district where he/she lives in is up for election.

The nomination process is by petition. Interested members can become a director candidate by submitting a petition signed by 20 members (one signature per membership). Petitions can be picked up at the office starting April 2 and must be returned to the office by May 10 at 4:30 p.m. If the member is found to be eligible, his/her name will be placed on the ballot and voted on at our annual meeting on July 25.

Note: The bylaws do not allow for nominations from the floor at the meeting.

Director duties and responsibilities

The job of director is a very important one. A director is responsible for the following:

  • Establishing policies and procedures to guide the cooperative.
  • Employing a chief executive officer and evaluating his/her performance.
  • Setting service rate and fee schedules.
  • Understaning the cooperative’s financials.
  • Approving work plans, budgets, and financing for capital projects.
  • Attending regular monthly board meetings, occasionally attending state, regional, and national conferences and training.

A director represents a district but makes decisions affecting the entire membership. A director must be self-confident and have communication skills to express his/her opinion in a tactful and constructive manner.

If you would like more information regarding the eligibility requirements to become a director candidate, please visit our website www.mcremc.coop to see our bylaws or you can contact our office at 765-473-6668.

Districts up for election in 2018

District 1: Allen, Erie, Jefferson, Perry, Peru, Richland, Union townships in Miami County and Paw Paw Township in Wabash County. Incumbent — Dennis (Jim) Savage.

District 3: Deer Creek, Jackson, Tipton, Washington townships in Cass County. Incumbent — Scott Marschand.

District 4: Butler, Clay, Deer Creek, Harrison, Jackson, Pip Creek, and Washington townships in Miami County. Incumbent — Donald Willson.


Rob Schwartz