Supporting members, providing innovative solutions

Posted on Aug 31 2020 in Decatur County REMC

Decatur County REMC (DCREMC) recently assisted GECOM Corporation (GECOM) in purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) totaling 30% of the manufacturing plant’s electric use.  

A REC is a commodity equal to 1MWh of energy generation from a qualified renewable generation asset.  By purchasing a REC, an organization earns the credit for the environmental attributes associated with the generation of that 1 MWh. RECs offer the same environmental attributes and impacts as on-site renewable generation, without the high cost of entry.  

GECOM had expressed interest in accessing renewable energy to offset energy use and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.  By partnering together DCREMC and GECOM were able to clearly identify the needs and goals and develop a solution providing benefits locally and globally.

As a cooperative, DCREMC works closely with members to find innovative solutions to meet their needs.  DCREMC takes pride in being more than a power provider.  The cooperative is a   trusted resource for energy and information.

If your business would like more information about RECs and emerging technology initiatives through DCREMC, please call the office at 812-663-3391.