Summary of board’s meeting in May

Posted on Jul 25 2019 in Decatur County REMC

• Chairman Tom Crowe called the May 23, 2019, meeting to order at 6:30 p.m., and Jason Barnhorst kept minutes of the meeting.

• All members of the board were present.  Also present were DCREMC CEO Brett Abplanalp and DCREMC Bookkeeper Jennie Meyer.

• Upon motion by Lawrence Young, seconded by Dale Wernke, and carried, the agenda of the meeting was approved by unanimous vote.

• The financial report was presented by Abplanalp and reviewed on Call to Order. It was noted revenues and margins continue to fall below budget, with sales volume down 4.4% year to date. However, controllable expenses and power costs are also lower which is helping to improve gross margins.

• The financials were accepted by the board as prepared and will be filed for audit.

• Upon motion by Michael Brelage, seconded by Young, and carried, the consent agenda was approved by unanimous vote.

• The CEO report was given by Abplanalp and reviewed on CTO. The right-of-way spraying contract has been finalized, and work is scheduled to begin the second week of June. Work on RUS documentation continues for the Construction Work Plan (CWP) and loan application. Abplanalp also reported the pole replacement bid packets were submitted to five contractors. Only one contractor returned a bid.  Other vendors were not interested due to scheduling and/or manning issues.

• Hoosier Energy board of directors meeting was held May 13. Crowe reported that CEO Donna Walker recently met with Lynn Good, CEO of Duke Energy, to discuss reliability issues involving transmission lines. Crowe also reported that Hoosier Energy continues to place high emphasis on long-term resource planning. Next meeting is July 8.

• 2019 projects update was given by Abplanalp. 1.) Property fence and gate are completed and operational, 2.) Prepay pilot program has begun, 3.) iVUE Connect software will be available in June, 4.) New meter software/metermen training, 5.) Substation radios, 6.) IT server replacements, 2 have been completed.

• Policy 1-8, Directors Fees and Expenses, was reviewed by the board. DCREMC director expenses and compensation were analyzed and compared to other IEC members. DCREMC currently ranks in the lowest 30% for director expenses and compensation for DCREMC directors is below the median for the state. No action was taken.

• Policy 1-5, Qualifications for Directors, was reviewed by the board. No action was taken.

• Policy 2-8, Members’ Access to Corporate Records, was reviewed by the board. No action was taken.

• Policy 3-3, Statement of Functions of Nominating Committee, was reviewed by the board. Amendments were noted to inform candidates of time commitments ahead of time.

Old Business:

• Cost avoidance calculations are being done on single-phase and three-phase solar by DCREMC rate consultant, Prime Group.

• Board accountability strategic initiatives committee presented proposed changes to Policy 1-7G, Director Education. In addition to current educational requirements, directors will now be required to obtain their CCD certification within the first two years of their term, attend a cost of service study training within the first year of their term, and be required to attend at least two continuing education courses annually.

• Upon motion by Barnhorst, seconded by Wernke, and carried, the proposed amendments to policy 1-7G passed unanimously.

• Upon motion by Young, seconded by Wernke, and carried, Policy 1-17, Board Decision and Engagement Process was adopted by unanimous vote.

• Upon motion by Michael Brelage, seconded by Young, and carried, members who do not qualify for Large Coincidental Peak Service (LCP) over a one-year period will be removed from the rate class.Motion passed, dissenting vote cast by Lawrence.

New Business:

• Upon motion by Steve AmRhein, seconded by Wernke, and carried, the annual write-offs for 2018 were approved as presented. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

• Upon motion by Lawrence, seconded by Brian Scheidler, and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.