Summary of board’s meeting in July

Posted on Sep 29 2019 in Decatur County REMC

• Chairman Steve AmRhein called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m., and Michael Brelage kept minutes of the meeting.

• All members of the board were present. Also present was DCREMC CEO Brett Abplanalp and DCREMC staff members Jennie Meyer and Rachel Sullivan.

• Upon motion by Dale Wernke, seconded by Jason Barnhorst, and carried, the agenda of the meeting was approved by unanimous vote.

• Rachel Sullivan presented on youth programs sponsored by the DCREMC including Page Day, camp, water donations, and she highlighted the Washington D.C.,Youth Tour. Jane Spreckelson, one of four participants from DCREMC on the tour, presented some high points from the tour including Flight 93 Memorial, Potomac Boat Tour, and the Holocaust Museum.

• Rachel Sullivan then presented an Annual Meeting Wrap-up stating that we had 1,419 early votes and 219 on site votes. There were 319 members registered. We are currently looking to hold the 2020 meeting in the second or third week of June.

• The financial report was given by Jennie Meyer and reviewed as presented on Call to Order. Sales volume continues to fall below budget YTD. The financial report was accepted by the board as prepared and will be filed for audit.

• Upon motion by Dale Wernke, seconded by Brian Scheidler, and carried, the consent agenda was approved by unanimous vote.

• The following DCREMC policies were reviewed and discussed by the board, no action was taken;

Policy 4-6, Short Term Borrowing

Policy 10-18, Employee Drivers

Policy 3-3, Statement of Function of Nominating Committee was reviewed as posted on Call to Order.

• Upon a motion by Michael Brelage, seconded by Dale Wernke and carried by unanimous vote, the posted CTO redline changes to Policy 3-3, Statement of Function of Nominating Committee, were accepted.

• Brian Scheidler reported on Hometown Energy that there are currently 671 active members and the new rate has been set at $1.699, along with its budget being approved.

• Hoosier Energy board update was given by Jason Barnhorst including Duke Energy’s proposed 15% overall rate increase which would include a 19% residential increase.

• IEC update was given by Steve AmRhein highlighting the kick-off meeting for the vision of the future IEC office.

• 2019 projects update was given by Brett Abplanalp. 1.) crew visits, 2.) Prepay program phase II, 3.) iVUE Connect software delayed, 4.) New metering software August implementation, 5.) Substation radios, 6.) IT server replacements complete, 7.) RUS loan and CWP.

• Prepay will be rolled out in October.

• Brett Abplanalp presented a strategic plan update including a Priority ranking and the Strategic Execution Process.

Old Business

• Open action items were reviewed including natural classifications on the budget.

• Audit bid packet for 2020 is out and we are waiting on bids.

New Business

• Upon a motion by Jason Barnhorst, seconded by Jeff Lawrence and carried by unanimous vote, Michael Brelage was named voting delegate and Dale Wernke was named alternate voting delegate for CFC Voting.

• Upon a motion by Brian Scheidler, seconded by Carl Riedeman and passed by unanimous vote, District (3) Catherine Wenning and District (7) Sue Hahn were accepted as new Community Trust board members.

• Upon a motion by Michael Brelage, seconded by Dale Wernke and carried by a 4- 3 vote, the DCREMC will draw down the remaining $480k in long term loans from our old work plan. These assets have already been built and were paid for by general funds. Drawing down these funds will also ensure we have the funds to start our new construction work plan (reliability projects) toward the beginning of 2020 with a low interest rate.

• Upon motion by Michael Brelage, seconded by Dale Wernke, and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.