Summary of board’s meeting in December

Posted on Mar 04 2022 in Decatur County REMC

The meeting was opened by Chairman Steve AmRhein and Brian Scheidler kept the minutes of the meeting.

All board members were present. Also present: CEO Brett Abplanalp and employees Matt Raver and Crystal Greathouse.

Upon motion made by Suzanne Parmer, seconded by Jason Barnhorst, and carried, the agenda was approved.

Member Request to Address the Board

Sandy Nieman addressed the board with concerns about how the nominating committee was talked about in a previous board meeting. She wants the members to know that the nominating committee wants to do their job correctly. She would like the board to be receptive when the nominating committee comes to them with an issue. She would also like the nominating committee to have a meeting to have their duties and responsibilities reviewed with them and a timeline of when they need to be completed.

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

Jason Barnhorst made the motion to approve the minutes from the Oct. 28, 2021, board meeting. Clay Nuhring seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

CEO Update and Financial Update

They were posted to call to order (CTO).

Budget Discussion

Jeff Lawrence made the motion to approve right-of-way minus $55,000, Survey and Ballot

System contract, payroll with merit increases, back building quotes, gravel lot (north portion only), purchase of one truck and any required and normal operating expenses. The motion was seconded by Suzanne Parmer and passed unanimously.

IEC Update

Steve AmRhein, Jason Barnhorst, Clay Nuhring, and Brett Abplanalp all attended the IEC annual meeting.


Upon motion made by Clay Nuhring, seconded by Jeff Lawrence, and carried, the meeting was adjourned to executive session at 8:02 p.m.