Stay in the car

Posted on Jan 10 2022 in Steuben County REMC
Car wreck in snow with utility pole

If your vehicle comes in contact with a utility pole or a downed power line, the most important thing is to stay inside the car!

Here’s Why

Power lines can fall. When a pole is struck, power lines can fall, and hardware can break loose from its insulated perches atop the pole.

Fallen power lines can still be energized. Even touching the ground, power lines can still be carrying 7,200 volts or more. They may not spark or buzz.

Fallen power lines are hard to see. Silhouetted against the sky or glistening in sunlight atop poles, power lines may seem easy to see. But when knocked down and twisted with tall grass or trees as a background, especially at night, power lines are almost impossible to see.