Stay away from fallen power lines

Posted on Mar 22 2018 in Fulton County REMC

Spring is the time for storms, and heavy rains and lightning can send power lines flying off their poles and right into harm’s way.

Teach your children to stay away from downed power lines and keep these safety measures in mind:

  • If you see a fallen power line, don’t touch it for any reason. Don’t even go near it. Call 911 immediately and then your electric cooperative, Fulton County REMC.
  • Just because it’s laying on the ground doesn’t mean that it’s dead. It could still have its current coursing through it. If you touch it, you could be killed, or severely burned.
  • If a fallen power line is touching tree limbs or other objects, don’t touch those objects. You can get hurt by touching something that is in contact with a live wire.

In case the lights go out, plan how to deal with a power outage at home in advance:

  • Keep fresh batteries in your flashlight.
  • Don’t open the refrigerator or freezer doors if not needed. Food will stay frozen longer if the doors are closed.
  • Stay out of the bathtub during a storm. The metal pipes in your home’s plumbing system can conduct electricity. Also, avoid using the telephone during a storm.