Starting 2019 with the right frame of mind

George Carter

Wow! Another year has ended, and just like that, we hit the ground running in 2019. Taking a moment to start the year in the right frame of mind is important for all of us. 

Why we work safe

The first thing we at Paulding Putnam EC think about is providing you safe electric service. Safety is foremost on our minds. This month, we’re launching a new campaign called “My Reason Why,” which features our employees and showcases why they work safe: to come home in good health to their families every day. This month, PPEC lineman Corbin Rhonehouse highlights this point with a touching photo of his and wife Melinda’s beautiful new firstborn son, Luke, on page 32.

No rate increase

The next thing to start off the year is more good news. We are not planning a rate increase for 2019. Every fall, our employees prepare and present a detailed budget to our board of trustees. This year, I am happy to say the budget does not include any rate increase. Our employees work hard for you every day, and holding rates steady is a sign of their diligence and efficiency.

Did you notice a lower December bill?

Last month, there was a credit on your electric bill. This was your capital credits retirement — us sharing our margins (or profit) with you and our other members. This is part of the cooperative difference, and it signifies your ownership in Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative. The co-op model is different from other business models. One of our seven cooperative principles is “Members’ Economic Participation,” which means members help contribute equity into the cooperative and are provided capital credits retirements in the future. This retirement is important, as it reduces your electric costs each year. 

Collect cash: check out our 2019 rebates

Looking to start 2019 by getting cash back? The cooperative has several rebate and incentive programs to help you lower your electric use and, in turn, lower your electric bill. If you’re looking to purchase a new ENERGY STAR®-qualified refrigerator or stand-alone freezer, add insulation or air-sealing to your home, or buy a new water heater, it would be worth your time to visit our website,, for details. Please call our office and ask for Energy Advisor Peter Niagu for more information. 

Annual meeting scheduled for March 

Finally, we can’t help but think about the annual meeting this coming March. This is another example of the cooperative difference. Members come together each year to hear about the organization they jointly own and hear the results of the 2019 trustee elections. Please keep your eye out for upcoming election materials. 

If you’re reading this, you are part of the PPEC family. On behalf of all of us at PPEC, I wish our members a very happy and prosperous 2019.

George Carter is president and CEO of Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative.