Spring ‘things-to-do’ to save on energy

Posted on Feb 23 2022 in Features, Heartland REMC

Adding a few items to your list of spring chores can help make your home more energy efficient and deliver electric bills that won’t make you sweat when temperatures soar.

Start with your air conditioner

Spring and early summer are good times to make sure that your air conditioning unit is ready to work when you flip the switch:

  • Get help from a professional who can inspect and service your unit.
  • Give your air conditioner a do-it-yourself cleaning. Shut the unit off, and clear away leaves and yard debris outside. Inside the unit, clean or replace filters that can restrict air flow and reduce overall efficiency by making the air conditioner work harder on hot summer days. Dust the fan blades if you can do so safely. Make sure air can flow freely over the inside and outside coils. Vacuum registers to remove any dust buildup.
  • Check weatherstripping. When using window units, ensure that weatherstripping is in place. Placement should be between the middle of the top windowpane and the bottom pane.

Also check for loose or leaky panes and identify single-paned windows. These energy no-no’s allow cool air to escape from your home during the summer and steal heated air during the winter. That can raise your utility bill no matter the season. Replacing old, inefficient windows now is an investment that will pay for itself in energy savings.

Check out your roof

See how well your roof has weathered the winter. Few things can shorten the life of your home faster than a roof leak. Even a minor one can damage your attic insulation before you know it. A roofing professional can assess and repair things like loose or missing shingles, repair leaks and clear gutters.