Spraying keeps power safe, reliable

Posted on Apr 26 2018 in LaGrange County REMC

Warm spring and summer months create rapid growth of foliage that can cause real problems for electric utilities like LaGrange County REMC.

Years of experience and study have proven the safest and most efficient way to maintain power line rights-of-way is through careful use of herbicides. 

You may know from working on your own lawn, if you pull or mow weeds, they just keep coming back. Imagine the problems we face trying to control vegetation on 610 miles of line.

Controlling areas for high-growth vegetation assures safe access to the equipment for service work, reduces power outages and can actually enhance the natural habitat. 

LaGrange County REMC uses non-restricted chemicals in our spraying application. Herbicides that are applied have been scientifically designed to work on plants, not people or animals, and have been determined by the Environmental Protection Agency to be safe to people, animals and the environment when properly applied.

LaGrange County REMC works with the LaGrange County Highway Department to perform right-of-way spraying throughout LaGrange County. 

For those who have gardens or organic areas, our crews are careful not to spray in those areas, and anti-drift agents are also used in the herbicide mixture. To help, property owners should register their organic farms with the county highway department and display proper “Do Not Spray” signs that are visible from the road.

With your help, LaGrange County REMC can reduce unwanted power interruptions and make right-of way maintenance a safe and effective program for everyone in our service area.