Spraying for safety and reliability

Posted on Apr 28 2019 in Noble REMC

Spraying for weeds in your own yard is a big enough project. Now imagine doing that over more than 1,200 miles. That’s what Noble REMC’s right-of-way crew is responsible for maintaining.

With the warming weather, controlling vegetation is one of our main priorities over the next few months, as foliage will begin growing rapidly. This maintenance includes spraying herbicides on power line rights-of-way. 

Beginning this month, the Noble REMC right-of-way crew will begin spraying in the middle third of our service territory, which includes properties between U.S. 6 and Baseline Road from north to south and from Lake Wawasee to Garrett from west to east. The crew will also be finishing part of last year’s project to cover the southern one-third of our service area.

The spraying application uses non-restricted chemicals that are scientifically designed to work on plants, not people or animals, and is considered safe by the Environmental Protection Agency when properly applied. 

Noble REMC instituted its right-of-way program more than 30 years ago, and since that time, power interruptions and outages have been reduced considerably, making the system safer and more reliable for you – our first priority.

If you would like to maintain the right-of-way that crosses your property in some other way, “Do Not Spray” signs are available at the Noble REMC office, but you must make sure the signs are visible and legible from the roadway and notify us of your location.