Southern-PSC fiber project update

Posted on Mar 05 2023 in Southern Indiana Power

For many years, PSC has been deploying fiber optic broadband throughout its own telephone cooperative territory. Approximately 50% of Southern Indiana Power members are also PSC co-op members, many of which are already connected to PSC’s fiber. 

The remaining 50% of Southern’s membership lacks access to quality broadband. Engineering estimates for building fiber optics to the remaining Southern members is approximately $23.7M. For the past several years, Southern and PSC have been working on plans to bring high-speed broadband (internet) to these remaining Southern members.

Construction updates

We are pleased to report that the fiber mainline network across Southern Indiana Power’s electric service territory is complete! Also, fiber drops and customer connections in the grant-funded areas have finished up as well. Over the past two years, we have constructed over 700 miles of fiber, covering 328 square miles and passing over 5800 potential customers, connecting nearly 1000 customers in the grant-funded areas.  

What to expect

We are excited to report that in 2023 we will shift our focus to fiber drop construction and customer connections in the non-grant areas. These areas are broken up into two separate groups, the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) and the Indiana Connectivity Program (ICP). Southern and PSC have sent letters out to all customers that are in the RDOF and ICP areas providing instructions on how to sign up and get connected. 

Please see the map below to use as a general guide to the areas mentioned previously. 

  • Red: Completed Grant and CAF areas
  • Blue: RDOF areas
  • Gray: ICP areas

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It is important for all Southern members to know that we will not stop constructing fiber broadband until all members have access to high-speed fiber broadband in their area. Until then, we thank you in advance for your patience. A high-speed fiber connection is definitely in your future.