Solar program open to members

Posted on Mar 25 2019 in Heartland REMC

Did you know that members served by Heartland REMC are able to enjoy the use of green energy without the costs and complications of rooftop or ground-mounted solar panels?  Thanks to the Co-op Solar Program by Heartland REMC in partnership with Wabash Valley Power, Heartland REMC’s not-for-profit wholesale power provider. 

Under the Co-op Solar program, Heartland REMC members receive energy from  larger-scale, cooperative-maintained facilities, eliminating individual installation concerns such as improper roof orientation, shaded roofs, high costs and long-term contracts. 

Co-op Solar will begin with five arrays spread out over a three-state area that will generate 1.7 MW of power.  “Arrays in multiple locations will give members the best opportunity for capturing the most sun due to weather diversity, and allows the arrays to produce the most electricity collectively,” said Andrew Horstman, project manager for Wabash Valley.  “It may be raining on the arrays in Indiana, but the sun may be shining in Missouri or Illinois.”

Member enrollment in the program is voluntary.  The program focuses on reducing a member’s carbon footprint.  For more information, members should contact the office at 260-758-3155 or visit

About Co-op Solar

• Each share purchased costs 67 cents per month.

• Members can purchase up to 20 shares each month.

• The cost of the solar shares is billed as an additional monthly charge on your regular Heartland REMC bill.

• Terms of Service last for one year and are renewed at the end of that year.