Slight Rate Adjustment


Q. How much will my bill increase?
A. The monthly service charge will increase from $29.50 to $32.95. This will be offset by a reduction in the energy charges. Overall, including a general revenue increase, residential members will see an increase of about $3 per month, which would be just under 2 percent.

Q. What is the Monthly Service Charge for?
A. The Monthly Service Charge ensures that your expectations for continuous power and outstanding customer service are met. It gives each member a fair and equal share of the cooperative’s operation and provides funds that must be invested now to maintain the quality, reliability, and integrity of services that our members have traditionally counted on and come to expect.

Expense items covered by the facility charge include:

  • Trucks, wire, transformers, power poles, and labor needed to build and maintain the electric distribution system
  • Keeping pace with increased system investments to improve both capacity and reliability
  • Implementing new technologies to provide increased reliability and operational efficiencies such as the outage management system and advanced metering
  • Liability insurance, interest, taxes, and emergency storm restoration

Because all PPEC members benefit from reliable electric service available when they want it, the monthly service charge ensures everyone pays their fair share of the basic costs — costs that exist whether or not a single kWh is used.


*Includes 2017 Average Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment. Does not include taxes (rate only).


Monthly service charge

* Refer to the website for other changes.