Simplify Your Monthly Bill

Posted on Nov 18 2023 in Dubois REC


With autopay, you just enroll and set up your notifications in SmartHub. By using autopay, money is withdrawn directly from your bank account to pay your electric bill each month. The automatic draft is processed on the 20th of each month. If this date falls on a holiday or weekend, the draft will occur the next business day. Once you sign up for the program you will still receive your bill each month, but it will state “Do Not Pay” on the statement in red.


When signing up for paperless billing or e-billing in SmartHub, you can set up an email or text notification, which notifies you when your bill is ready each month. The electronic version of the bill looks just like the paper copy. You can also pay by using any existing payment option: by phone, SmartHub (at or drop off your payment or use the drive-through window at our office.

GO PAPERLESS — fewer bills in your mailbox result in less clutter. If you need a copy of your bill for your records, you can easily print one at any time.

GO GREEN — paperless billing is better for the environment.

IT’S CONVENIENT — review your account at any time.

You’ll receive a monthly email notification when your bill is ready to view.

IT’S SECURE — a unique user ID and password mean your account information is secure.