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Posted on Jan 25 2018 in Steuben County REMC


What is Co-op Solar?

Co-op Solar is a new solar energy program provided by Steuben County REMC. Unlike individual rooftop solar systems, Co-op Solar is a “community solar” system — a larger system that allows many co-op members to get the benefits of solar energy.

How does Co-op Solar work?

Instead of connecting directly to solar panels, you’re connected through your regular electric lines to solar arrays across the Midwest that convert sunlight into electricity. You get the benefits of solar energy — without any on-site equipment or maintenance.

How does the solar energy get from the array to my home?

When solar energy is added to the power grid, that electricity becomes indistinguishable from energy produced by other sources. The electrons that enter your home may be produced by solar, wind, landfill gas, natural gas or other sources of generation. But as more solar power is added to the grid, we can lessen our reliance on fossil fuels. And Steuben County REMC ensures that Co-op Solar dollars directly support solar generation.

So, who owns the solar arrays?

The arrays are actually owned by Wabash Valley Power Association, of which Steuben County REMC is a member. Wabash Valley Power is a co-op, too, of 23 electric cooperatives across Indiana, Illinois and Missouri, that provides all of us with wholesale power.

Why did Steuben County REMC join with others to provide solar power? Why not do it alone?

By joining up with Wabash Valley Power and other electric co-ops, Steuben County REMC is able to leverage significant savings and increase our buying power. And since we’re a not-for-profit, we pass those cost-savings directly to our membership. It also makes it possible for more members to participate in a Co-op Solar program, since it’s offered at a lower cost.

HOW to participate

When will Co-op Solar be available for Steuben County REMC members?

We plan to launch Co-op Solar in February 2018. Sign up to receive email updates at

Who is eligible to participate?

To be eligible, you must be a member of Steuben County REMC.

Do I need to own a home to participate?

Nope! The great thing about the Co-op Solar program is that you can get solar energy even if you’re renting.

It’s your piece of the sun.

Co-op Solar puts the power of the sun in your hands!

No solar panels to buy, install or maintain.

Clean solar panel from the people you trust — your local electric co-op!

Find out more about this convenient and easy solar power option.

To learn more, visit us at or contact us at 260-665-3563.