Sign up for PowerShift

Posted on Mar 26 2019 in Steuben County REMC

What is PowerShift?

PowerShift allows your electric co-op to control electricity demand when electricity is the most expensive.  Participating in the program is easy.  A co-op representative will install a small, box-shaped device to your air conditioner, water heater, or pool pump. Then, when the region’s electricity demand spikes, we send a signal to the switch which, in turn, lowers that appliance’s use. Window-mounted air-conditioning units do not qualify for the switch or credit.

Why does Steuben County REMC have this program?

PowerShift lowers costs for all co-op members. If we can shift our electricity use to a different time of day, we lessen the need to build additional and expensive power plants. During a high-demand event, our costs increase substantially. It is basic supply and demand. But, if we team up to shift when we use electricity, we can keep the grid strong and manage power costs. Signing up for PowerShift helps make electricity more reliable and affordable for everyone for years to come.

How does it work?

After you enroll in the program, a switch is added to your air conditioner, electric water heater, or pool pump, based on program availability and your preferences. For air conditioners, the device allows us to briefly cycle the outside condenser unit on and off, while the fan inside your house remains running to keep you comfortable. The cycling event only occurs on days of very high electricity demand, when electricity use and costs spike. However, we do not control units on weekends or holidays. 

Why should I sign up for PowerShift?

For each installed switch on an a/c unit or pool pump, you will receive a $15 bill credit on your June, July and August bills. (Total savings: $45 annually.) Water heaters are significantly discounted at time of purchase to account for electricity savings.