Setting off fireworks this summer? Keep safety in mind.

Posted on May 26 2023 in Features

For many, summertime is synonymous with fireworks. It is safest and recommended to sit back, relax and leave the brilliant displays to the experts, but if you choose to light fireworks, remember these tips:

  1. Make sure fireworks are legal in your area before using them.
  2. Don’t buy professional-grade fireworks — they are not designed for safe consumer use.
  3. Children should be spectators, not participants. Never give children fireworks or sparklers.
  4. Keep pets indoors and away from fireworks to avoid injuries or noise reactions.
  5. Read and carefully follow all directions and warning labels. 
  6. Anyone using fireworks or standing nearby should wear protective eyewear.
  7. Keep spectators at least 20 feet away and not downwind from where fireworks will be set off.
  8. Light fireworks only in open areas where no power lines can be seen.
  9. Only light one device at a time, and never hold lighted fireworks in your hands.
  10. Do not try to relight or handle malfunctioning fireworks. 
  11. Keep a bucket of water or garden hose nearby in case of fire.
  12. Soak both unused and spent fireworks in water for a few hours before discarding.