Serving you better

Posted on Dec 26 2017 in Kankakee Valley REMC

Dennis Weiss

It’s amazing what we learn through listening and observing.

As we start a new year at Kankakee Valley REMC we continue to look for the best ways for you to communicate with us and receive the information you need…. when you need it.

This year KV REMC members are using online website forms to conduct business with us more than ever before. From online bill payment enrollment, arranging for service transfers, signing up for new service or viewing outage updates on the website. These are quick, easy, and convenient ways for you to communicate with us too.

The online bill pay portal gives you the member complete access to your account. This portal allows you to see details about your account, view billing history and set up alerts and reminders so you don’t miss a due date. The online bill pay portal can be found on our website and is mobile friendly.

These mobile services are just additional way to connect with people, like the member services representatives you reach when you call us, or greet you from behind the counters at our office. They help us offer quality services you’ve come to expect from us.

Our goal is always to find ways to help you control energy costs. That’s why we communicate with you about ways you can save energy and ways we can work together to help ease the burden on your wallet.

Through our energy advisor program and the POWER MOVES® rebates, we can help you improve your home’s comfort while reducing the amount of energy you use and being rewarded with rebates for making energy efficiency improvements. Our energy advisor makes house calls free of charge to our members; often resulting in valuable savings on some simple fixes. Interested in doing your own research? KV REMC also offers fun interactive online tools to help you zero in on where you can save the most. From a Home Energy Calculator, Appliance Calculator and Lighting Calculator, these tools can give you quick operating calculators so that you can see where you can save the most in the different areas of your home. These tools can be found at and then click on “energy calculator”.

As a cooperative, we live by the Cooperative Principles, and cooperation amongst cooperatives has always been an important principle to KV REMC. As an example, cooperatives have always supported one another through mutual aid programs for storm assistance. In 2018, KV REMC will strengthen this principle by working closer with a neighboring electric cooperative to see how together we can better meet the service needs of both cooperatives. This working partnership will put “strength in numbers” to work for our members as we explore ways to best manage the future growth of the cooperative and introduce advanced opportunities, like broadband internet, to the rural cooperative communities.

One of the advantages of being a company rooted in the area it serves is the opportunity to connect with our members. Planning is underway now for the annual meeting. Watch for the official date announcement in an upcoming Electric Consumer edition.

So, how do we serve you better in 2018? The same way many of us try to serve community, society and family better, each day—by listening. In our offices, on telephones, through social media exchanges and in our face-to-face meetings, we’re here to listen. When you have questions about energy efficiency, electrical service or any of our products or services, just ask us. When we know just what you want, we’re in a better position to deliver.